Keith Gatto, PhD

Dr. Gatto’s membership on the Kenner Board of Directors will help develop an atmosphere that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, addresses global challenges, and equips students to become responsible and forward-thinking citizens of the world.


Dr. Keith Gatto is a senior education professional with expertise in leading faculty, creating and executing strategic organizational visions, overseeing academic program operations (campus and online), and supporting student success, accreditation, and educational program collaborations with partner institutions. Dr. Gatto’s extensive experience further includes the design, development, assessment, and execution of academic programs for all undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, certificate, international, and executive education students. With a substantial background in creating operational excellence and innovation within academic organizational structures, Dr. Gatto has broad teaching experience at the undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and executive education levels in both synchronous and asynchronous environments.

As a professor, Dr. Gatto teaches graduate students in Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Leadership at Penn State University. In his former role as an Associate Provost at the American College of Financial Services, Dr. Gatto led the curriculum development, quality assurance, and program execution initiatives for the undergraduate school. In total, the programs generated $18 million in revenue and served approximately 10,000 students. Additionally, Dr. Gatto played a critical role in the Middle State Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)’s 2023 reaffirmation by executing undergraduate efforts as part of the accreditation reaffirmation process.  While at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Gatto served as the pioneering Academic Director where he developed and implemented strategic plans, oversaw the development of new academic programs, and ensured that the academic student experience was of the highest quality. Designing programs that prioritized leadership and career development in credit and non-credit offerings was a component of this endeavor.


  • PhD in Organizational Leadership
  • M.Ed. in Psychology
  • BSBA in Marketing