Christian Ministry Option

Total: 60 Credit Hours

Gain in-depth knowledge and skills in Christian Ministry.

DEGREE: Associate’s Degree




Course Progression Schedule

The Christian Ministry core is designed for those who desire to obtain a general knowledge of Biblical and theological studies and practical application of various forms of Christian service and leadership. The program offers an introduction to the ministry and understanding of the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ.

Christian Ministry Core

Total: 30 Credit Hours
BIB 110 Old Testament
BIB 120 New Testament
BIB 200 Life and Teachings of Jesus
BIB 350 Intro to Apologetics
MIN 200 Intro to Church Ministries
MIN 210 Intro to Missions
MIN 310 Youth Ministry
MIN 320 Marriage and Family Ministry
RLG 300 Theological Survey I
RLG 310 Theological Survey II


Total: 6 Credit Hours

Students may select any course from the BIB, RGL, or MIN listing

Degree Total: 60 Credit Hours