General Studies Option

Total: 120 Credit Hours

Gain in-depth knowledge and skills in General Studies.

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)




Course Progression Schedule

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree is a 120-credit hour program focusing on the technical and analytical skills needed for Christian leaders who manage organizational resources, people, and time. 

The BSBA program prepares students to:

  • Apply business research skills.
  • Develop evidence-based solutions to business problems.
  • Produce effective written business reports.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of core areas of business functionality.
  • Communicate effectively in teams within organizations.

General Studies Core

Total: 48 Credit Hours
ACC 100 Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors
BUS 210 Business Management
BUS 215 Introduction to International Business
BUS 310 Business Law
BUS 320 Human Resources Management
BUS 330 Business Communications and Research
BUS 480 Business Policy & Strategy
ECO 210 Economics
ECO 215 Macroeconomics
FIN 210 Finance
LDR 210 Foundations of Leadership
MKT 210 Principles of Marketing
MTH 210 Statistics
OPS 310 Operations Management
PM 210 Project Management I
PSY 310 Organizational Behavior


Total: 15 Credit Hours

Students may select any course from the ACC, PM, or IT concentration

Christian Studies

Total: 12 Credit Hours
BIB 110 Old Testament
BIB 120 New Testament
BIB 200 Life and Teachings of Jesus
MIN 210 Intro to Missions


Total: 3 Credit Hours
BUS 499 BSBA Capstone

Degree Total: 120 Credit Hours