International and Non-English Transcripts


Students who have graduated from non-U.S. high schools or colleges or who desire to transfer credits from non-U.S. or non-English-speaking institutions must provide Kenner University with a certified translation of transcripts and course descriptions, as well as a detailed and comprehensive course-by-course transcript evaluation. Kenner accepts transcript evaluations only from recognized agencies, such as those that hold membership in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES, or the Association of International Academic Credential Evaluators ( Agencies accepted by Kenner include AACRAO International Education Services (, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (, MotaWord ( and World Education Services (

Applicants select the agency and provide the academic records to it for evaluation (and translation, if required). The agency must submit the certified translation/evaluation directly to the Admission Office. This must be mailed either in a sealed envelope to Kenner University, 315 Montgomery Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104, or through approved electronic submission at

Applicants are responsible for paying all associated costs and for ensuring timely submission to Kenner University. Foreign credential evaluation services typically require 3-6 weeks (sometimes much longer) to provide evaluation reports.

The translation/evaluation of each document must be in American English and provide all the following information with the recommended U.S. academic equivalence:

  • Identification of the document (e.g., academic transcript, examination record, diploma, etc.), the issuing institution, and its location.
  • Explanation of the status of the institution, purpose of the educational program, and level of study.
  • Confirmation of each credential
  • A course-by-course evaluation of all post-secondary (college-level) work that lists each subject studied by academic year with the level of study, credit hours, and grade (A, B, C, D, or F) and
  • The final cumulative (overall) grade point average on a 4-point scale for each educational program.
  • A copy of each transcript in the native language must accompany the certified translations/evaluations.