Chaplain Services

The University Chaplain is a resource to support the Kenner Community in developing their faith, deepening their spirituality, engaging in experiences that strengthen their beliefs, and appreciating the perspectives of diverse spiritual traditions.

All students, faculty, and staff at Kenner University who may find it beneficial to meet when needing emotional or spiritual support are welcome to speak with the Chaplain. Whatever you are going through, the Chaplain listens compassionately and without judgment.

Situations that may necessitate a meeting with the Chaplain may include:

  • Feeling lonely
  • Needing to make difficult personal and professional decisions
  • Wanting someone to pray for and with them
  • Issues at work
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Inquiries about spirituality and religion.

Giving for Religious & Spiritual Development

Consider making a monetary contribution to support religious and spiritual development. Your generous contribution will significantly impact not only the lives of our students but also the entire Kenner University community. Your contribution is a vital part of our collective effort to sustain our community by supporting programs, education, advocacy, and various opportunities. Your gift, no matter the size, is a commitment to our shared goal of enhancing our students’ academic achievements, virtues, and spiritual well-being.

Please accept our sincere gratitude in advance for your support of our students.

For a way to give, check out the Make a Gift page.

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University Chaplain: Pastor Dr. Wanda Belvin

Dr. Wanda Belvin is the Senior Pastor of Ministry Under the Sky (MUTS). Along with her husband, Overseer Henry Belvin, MUTS is well-known for its loving ties in the community and its selflessness and willingness to serve others. Since 2001, MUTS’s motto has been “Imperfect people serving a perfect God.”

Pastor Dr. Belvin’s academic accomplishments include a DMin in Discipleship, an MA in Youth and Family Ministry, and a BA in Ministry Leadership-Pastoral Ministry. Dr. Belvin is currently working towards completing a PhD in Christian Leadership with a focus on Spiritual Formation.