Bachelor Degree Programs

Program Duration: 4 years
Course Level: Undergraduate
Cost: $12 per credit
Total Credit Hours: 120
Delivery: Online

Kenner University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree programs focus on developing the virtuous characteristics of emerging leaders and practitioners. The programs aim to cultivate behaviors suitable for managerial and addressing ethical concerns necessary for entering the global marketplace.

Through instruction and preparation, the program equips students to:

  • Analyze organizations from an economic, legal, and global perspective.
  • Demonstrate an increasing awareness of spiritual development by integrating Christian principles and ethical decision-making skills into business environments.
  • Examine organizational settings from a strategic management perspective through the lens of a Christian worldview.
  • Examine leadership roles and integrate appropriate virtue characteristics within personal and professional environments.
  • Exhibit an understanding and practical application of marketing principles.
  • Integrate the appropriate principles of accounting, finance, and management functions within business organizations for effective decision-making.



Information Technology

Project Management