Know Us Better

About Us

Global Mission

At Kenner University, our mission is global.

Students from diverse backgrounds contribute to the richness of our global community.

*To enroll in any of our academic programs, students must be members of the Global Professional Development Network (GPDN). To learn more about membership, visit the GPDN website.

Our Values

We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, both in the classroom and beyond.

Equipping Leaders

We endeavor to help prepare leaders for lives of purpose and impact that reach far beyond their local communities.

Professional Development

After students complete their academic programs, they continue to develop professionally through their membership in the Global Professional Development Network.

Academic Programs

Kenner University offers access to a wide range of academic programs at an affordable price.

Students can complete online diploma programs in cutting-edge fields such as information technology, global business studies, economics, project management, and more.

Global Networking

We don’t just provide students with education programs that help lay the foundation for a successful career.

We also help students connect with professionals and industry leaders from around the world to aid in their ongoing professional development.

Our Beliefs

As a Christian university, we are committed to these core beliefs:
1. God: There is one God who exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
2. The Father: God the Father is the source of all that is good. He initiates creation and redemption, which He accomplishes through His Son and the Holy Spirit.
3. The Son: Jesus Christ, both fully God and fully man. Was born into the world by a virgin as the Savior of the World.
4. The Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit indwells all believers and equips them unto effective witnesses and service. 
5. The Bible. Is God’s written Word. It is the final authority in all matters.
6. Salvation: It’s only through Jesus Christ alone the repentant sinner is saved by God’s grace.